[ntp:questions] which servers should be peers?

Maria Iano maria at iano.org
Wed Sep 18 17:48:11 UTC 2013

>  I would be inclined to simply point each S2 server to an S1 in all centers, and  an S2 in all centers. If any or all the S1s start serving rubbish, they will be declared false tickers and the remaining S2s will form an acceptable service with the server with the most stable clock being selected.   Clients could do the same. However, in this worst case, unless you have some backup that can be traced to UTC (for example having your S2 farm having an access to the pool), then all your client / server farm will inevitably drift from legal time until you replace the defective S1s. 
> Mike

Thank you for your help Mike. I'd like to make sure I understand you correctly. I think you are saying you would peer a stratum 2 server with exactly one other stratum 2 server in each data center, which together with the stratum 1 servers would bring the total of peers to 8 for each stratum 2. Is that correct?

Thank you for the note about including an external ntp pool. I am going to look into how to get the necessary permissions and will set that up too.


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