[ntp:questions] Ntp Server Version 3: Where to find/get entriies about Client ip-addresses

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Tue Apr 1 21:39:55 UTC 2014

Witt, Stefan wrote:
> Is there a Way to  get Information about the history (Last 48 Hors)
>  of ntp Client IP addresses?

Look at your /var/ntp/peerstats.files ?
 If you don't have any, make ntpd generate them:
  set your statsdir e.g. statsdir /var/ntp/ntpstats/ , statsdir "/etc/ntp/stats/" , /var/log/ntpstats/ , ...
  enable monitor
  enable stats
  statistics loopstats peerstats # rawstats

> I just Want to use this Information to create a complete Access restriction List.

Why not restrict to the needed / wanted / expected, IPs / CIDRs ?

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