[ntp:questions] ntpd access restrictions: Server allowed works only with ipaddress

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Wed Apr 2 16:34:14 UTC 2014

Martin Burnicki wrote:> BlackLists schrieb:
>> Witt, Stefan wrote:
>>> Hello, looking for an answer of the following misbehaviour:
>>> Server entries are only valid and accepted if I use ip-address
>>>   and not if I user fqdn of the timeserver1/2!
>>> Resolving of Timeserver-fqdn is successful!
>>> Do anybody have an explanation of this unexpected behavior?
>>> the ntp.conf looks quite like that:
>>> restrict mask nomodify nopeer
>> # try adding restrict source,
>> #  necessary if the fqdn is a pool (returns more than one IP Address)
>> restrict source nomodify notrap noquery
>>> server
>>> fudge stratum 5
>> # Try orphan instead;
>> #  Orphan will likely behave less broken less often than Local 127.127.1 ends up
>> tos cohort 1 orphan 11
>>> ### internal timeserver:
>>> ##server fqdn-timeserver1 prefer
>>> ##server fqdn-timeserver2
>> # Also try pool instead of server?
>> pool fqdn-timeserver1 iburst preempt #prefer
>> pool fqdn-timeserver1 iburst preempt
>> pool pool.ntp.org iburst preempt
> "orphan" and "pool" are only supported with ntpd 4.2.6 and newer.
> If the OP uses an older version this won't work.

To me it seems the problem they are having,
  was fixed about four years ago with the introduction of restrict source
  in 4.2.7p22.

 Sure if they want to use ntp software before 2010,
  that they have issues with, and they don't want to use the latest,
  then I guess they could continue to suffer at their own discretion.

If your point was I didn't tell them any of that,
 point taken: Development  4.2.7p438  2014/04/01
<http://www.ntp.org/downloads.html> <http://archive.ntp.org/ntp4/>

Although if you expect me to explain in every post
  that thousands of issues / bugs have been fixed,
  any many features added, over countless newer versions
  since a few years to decades ago;
 Might I also expect the person asking questions to mention
  the version they are using, or I may assume they have
  already tried the latest version?

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