[ntp:questions] PPS problem

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Wed Apr 2 20:18:27 UTC 2014

William Unruh wrote:> BlackLists wrote:
>> Simchaev Arthur-BAS071 wrote:
>>> server #lo server
>>> fudge stratum 7
>>> restrict noquery nomodify notrap
>> I'd start by getting rid of those three lines.
>>  I'd recommend orphan mode instead;
>> tos cohort 1 orphan 11
> I would advise none of those. Unless you KNOW you need them, you do not
> and they get in the way.

What were the circumstances / situation where you have seen,
 or know of orphan mode causing issues, what problems did orphan mode create?

I've certainly seen the local driver cause issues,
 resulting in the other server(s) getting discarded.

 I have not (yet ?) seen this happen with orphan,
  {at least after a couple of bugs when it was new were fixed}.

 I have several systems running with orphan mode & manycast,
  when their WAN / internet connection is lost they seem to run around
  together just fine, then switch back to a Corp WAN or internet pool server
  for their sys peer when the WAN / internet connection becomes available again.

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