[ntp:questions] server and peer lines correct?

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Sat Apr 5 18:45:11 UTC 2014

Figured I would ask just to double-check I'm doing this right since it's my first time using the "peer" statement.

I'm reconfiguring my NTP setup to try and be somewhat fault-resistant if GPS blacks out since my receiver is in the window and only
picks up facing east.

I have four stratum-1 servers connected to GPS receivers. The stratum-1 servers are configured to be completely independent, they
don't talk to each other (for reasons beyond the scope of this post). They get their time solely from their GPS module.

I have three stratum-2 servers which I'm trying to make my primary sources for time for all the clients on the network. As mentioned
before sometimes I loose GPS reception, and sometimes I will take one of the S1 servers down so I can tinker with the internals.

The three configs for my S2 servers are as follows. I'm including just the bare necessities, the restrict lines are all correct and
other various options. S1 = Stratum 1, NTPx = Stratum 2 servers.

All three servers have:

server S1-1 iburst
server S1-2 iburst
server S1-3 iburst
server S1-4 iburst

Then they differ as follows:

peer NTP2 iburst
peer NTP3 iburst

peer NTP1 iburst
peer NTP3 iburst

peer NTP1 iburst
peer NTP2 iburst

Is there a command to check that they are setup properly in a peering configuration?

If all my S1 servers go offline, will the S2 servers still function since their only valid time source would be each other? Or would
I need to add some additional settings (like orphan)?


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