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>We find that the problem with many (not all) NMEA GPS receivers is that
>often too much data is transmitted between each PPS output. This can
>have the effect that the time output (ZDA) sentence can occasionally
>shift either side of its corresponding pulse output.

According to http://doc.ntp.org/4.2.6p5/drivers/driver20.html the NMEA
driver uses the last processed sentence received during each cycle.

So the simple solution is to have only one sentence enabled.

>This has the effect of a 1 second offset occasionally being added to
>time stamps supplied to the NTP daemon. Sometimes, increasing the baud
>rate from the standard 4800 bps to 9600 or even 19200 bps can help by
>allowing more characters (data) to be transmitted between each 1PPS

4800bps (8N1) transfers 480 bytes (8-bit characters) per second.

NMEA 0183 sentences are limited to 79 characters. So a single NMEA
sentence is fits easily into the 480cps limit.

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