[ntp:questions] Reasons of NTP not to use GPS source

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Fri Apr 11 02:16:36 UTC 2014

Paul wrote:
> However it doesn't matter if William Unruh has never seen level
>  matching problems or if Null at blacklist has always seen it.

I don't know about "always", "still" is probably a more accurate word.

I do have dozens (if not hundreds) that mostly use max232 chips,
 which won't drive as hard (for really long out of spec length serial lines,
 ~ hundreds of feet on cat5e), however they switch at around 1.5 v,
 so they work fine without a TTL - RS232 level converter.

 Trying to drive TTL into RS232 receivers can be easily tested,
   for any giving receiver / chipset;
  If you however drive RS232 drivers into TTL inputs,
   you can certainly damage them (unless on a really long cable),
   {I've have a few people toast (TTL) serial and parallel ports that way,
     not to mention an occasional 422 or 485 serial port too}.

> If the device under test works it works and if not you
>  have to condition the pulse or find another solution.

Certainly, if it works for you, problem solved;
 If it doesn't you shouldn't be too surprised.

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