[ntp:questions] questions] Automatic time synchronization of local hw clock.

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Op 15 apr. 2014, om 08:32 heeft David Taylor 
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> On 15/04/2014 07:24, William Unruh wrote:
> []
>> No, I meant that Windows at least did (pre Win7?) use local time as
>> system time.
>> And I seem to recall that even now it can use localtime as systemtime.
>> But I do not run Windows so cannot test anything.

This is what I had to deal with, so a standard installation of Windows 
certainly does not use UTC:


I was waiting for your question to appear on the NNTP newsgroup, but it did 
not, at least on my server.

Windows NT and later use UTC internally, which is what I wrote.  You are 
quite correct that the BIOS time is usually in wall-clock time, and that 
different operating systems will handle that problem differently.  There 
have been reports that Windows can use a BIOS clock in UTC, but I've never 
tried that myself.  I don't know whether OS-X has the option to use 
wall-clock time for the BIOS - it would be helpful if it did!

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