[ntp:questions] New Stratum-1 at the University of Houston

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Fri Apr 25 19:15:34 UTC 2014

> From my site, both uh.edu and tmc.edu are pretty close,
> latency-wise.  And uh.edu's being ST1 was certainly a plus.
> Anyway, it's still in my list, hoping that it comes back alive.
> FWIW, the ST2 server at tamu.edu is pretty close to me too.

> Adding another nearby server, even ST2 would be good.
> But what rice.edu server do you use?  libra has become
> obsolete apparently.

'ntppub.tamu.edu' usually has 'clepsydra.dec.com' as its selected time source. I just use that server instead of tamu's...

'ntp.rice.edu' is their ntp server that is publically accessible. I contacted them a while back to let them know to update their NTP
version and also see if they would lower their maxpoll for their local S1 servers since they appear to have both an internal GPS &
CDMA source, but no such luck.

For what it is worth, my server often selects 'utcnist.colorado.edu' as the primary choice even though it is further away than most
of the other S1 & S2's in my ntp list.

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