[ntp:questions] TrueTime XL-AK GPS lock satellite take too much

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Fri Apr 25 19:22:30 UTC 2014

> I recently use TrueTime XL-AK, when I first start the 
> system, it only take about 10 minutes to lock satellites.
> And I think it is good. But the second time I move to
> another place (about 40 miles away from the first place),
> it never lock any satellites again. I am not sure about the
> problem, does any one have some similar experiences and 
> good points on this?

The first thing I would double & triple check are all your connections. One flaky cable can cause all sorts of issues. If you have a
backup antenna & cable I would try that out too as a sanity check. Also make sure the antenna is compatible with the voltage of your
unit? Some old TrueTime units used 12V... You can always use a multi-meter to check what it is.

Maybe open it up to make sure a cable didn't come loose too.

I'm assuming you have a good clear view of the sky and the weather is clear?

There might be a small chance the unit saves your last known position? Check the manual to see if that is the case and if you need
to reset it. Most units though go into an auto-survey upon power-up.

Worst case, take it back to its original position, power on, and see what happens.

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