[ntp:questions] New Stratum-1 at the University of Houston

Evandro Menezes aevandro at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 19:48:44 UTC 2014

On Friday, April 25, 2014 2:15:34 PM UTC-5, Jason wrote:
> 'ntppub.tamu.edu' usually has 'clepsydra.dec.com' as its selected time source. I just use that server instead of tamu's...

I realize this, but I prefer to have a reference nearby, even if ST2 just to validate an ST1.  It has happened that the ST2 servers ejected a ST1 one that drifted away.

> 'ntp.rice.edu' is their ntp server that is publically accessible. I contacted them a while back to let them know to update their NTP 
> version and also see if they would lower their maxpoll for their local S1 servers since they appear to have both an internal GPS & CDMA source, but no such luck. 

Of course, ntp.rice.edu.  I should've guessed it.

> For what it is worth, my server often selects 'utcnist.colorado.edu' as the primary choice even though it is further away than most of the other S1 & S2's in my ntp list.

ntp.okstate.edu is not as close as time.uh.edu, but as close as ntp.rice.edu and much closer to my site than colorado.edu.


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