[ntp:questions] Attn Linux distributors - pse include PPS

mike cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Sun Apr 27 11:16:47 UTC 2014

Le 27 avr. 2014 à 12:28, Rob a écrit :

> mike cook <michael.cook at sfr.fr> wrote:
>>  If you look at those, they are included because the API does not ( or didn't ) exist in the OSs whereas it does for Linux so responsibility should reside there.
>>  IIRC, the OP was a heads up which IS useful, but complaints should go to the distributers, rather than here as has been previously mentioned. 
> That is very clear to me, but do you know about a better point of
> contact for "the distributors"?
> E.g. is there a mailinglist or newsgroup where all those distributors
> are reading so I don't need to create accounts on a zillion different
> bugzillas and file a bug there?

   I very much doubt it. I tried to see what support ubuntu were offering and when wanting to ask a Q, got directed to a launchpad login page.
   So it sort of depends on how much you want a fix! I feel for you. 

> So far it appears to affect at least openSUSE, Ubuntu and probably Debian.
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