[ntp:questions] Issues installing ntpd on Win 7

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at meinberg.de
Wed Apr 30 14:02:15 UTC 2014

David Taylor wrote:
> On 29/04/2014 14:40, Jason Rabel wrote:
>>> Ok, so on a whim I purged it completely from the system.  Installed from
>>> scratch and the same problem occurred, no starting up of the process.  I
>>> let the installation complete without letting it try to start the
>>> service again.  Then I simply performed a "reinstall" where it detected
>>> the existing installation and overwrote the files.  It performed an
>>> update and suddenly the service starts up on its own.  I have no idea
>>> why it did that but it took two back to back installations to fix it.
>> When you said "Did an update" did you mean "windows update"?
>> I did a quick google search from your first post with that error and
>> it mentioned something about .NET needing to be installed?
>> Maybe the windows update installed the necessary files since you said
>> it was a fresh windows install.
> Windows .NET is not required for the Meinberg NTP port.
> I think Jason meant using the "Update files" option of the Meinberg
> installer.

AFAIK if you install the .NET runtime then the VS2008 runtime is also 
installed, even if it hasn't been before. So this could well have been 
the reason.

However, as seen in another branch of this thread the missing openSSL 
was the reason for the problem here.

Martin Burnicki

Meinberg Funkuhren
Bad Pyrmont

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