[ntp:questions] Number of Stratum 1 & Stratum 2 Peers

Brian Utterback brian.utterback at oracle.com
Mon Dec 8 22:34:38 UTC 2014

On 12/4/2014 6:56 PM, William Unruh wrote:
> One source is fine, unless it either dies or goes nuts.
> Two are fine, unless on goes nuts.
Define "goes nuts". Two are not fine if they don't agree on the time, 
and in my experience the many of the admins that consider using only two 
servers are unable to get those two servers to agree on the time.

> Three are fine, as long as only one dies or goes nuts.

Again, define "goes nuts". You don't seem to like the term 
"falseticker", so how do you define "goes nuts"? If one "goes nuts" or 
even goes offline, if the remaining two do not agree then it is like 
having no server at all.

Brian Utterback

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