[ntp:questions] ATOM driver not working on Linux

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Sun Dec 14 13:23:12 UTC 2014

David Taylor writes:
> On 14/12/2014 11:56, Harlan Stenn wrote:
>> David Taylor writes:
>>> I have a newly installed 64-bit Linux Debian 7.7 system where I am
>>> trying to bring up NTP with PPS support.  Using ppstest /dev/pps0 I get
>>> the expected assert messages.  I have gpsd configured and working.
>>> Having configured and compiled NTP I get the error message:
>>>     clock type 22 invalid
>> That's the parse refclocks.
>> Did you configure with --enable-parse-clocks ?
>>> On checking the config.log I see that timepps.h is missing:
>>> root at Pixie:~/ntp/ntp-dev-4.2.7p485-RC# cat config.log | grep timepps
>>> configure:27520: checking for sys/timepps.h
>>> configure:28812: checking timepps.h usability
>>> conftest.c:230:21: fatal error: timepps.h: No such file or directory
>>> | #include <timepps.h>
>>> configure:28812: checking timepps.h presence
>>> conftest.c:197:21: fatal error: timepps.h: No such file or directory
>>> | #include <timepps.h>
>>> configure:28812: checking for timepps.h
>>> ac_cv_header_sys_timepps_h=yes
>>> ac_cv_header_timepps_h=no
>>> but on searching the disk timepps.h does appear to be present, and in
>>> the correct directory:
>>> root at Pixie:~/ntp/ntp-dev-4.2.7p485-RC# find / -name 'timepps.h'
>>> /usr/include/sys/timepps.h
>>> /root/ntp/ntp-dev-4.2.7p485-RC/ports/winnt/ppsapi/loopback/src/timepps.h
>>> /root/ntp/ntp-dev-4.2.7p485-RC/ports/winnt/include/timepps.h
>>> What might be happening, please?  What's wrong?
>> Some systems provide <timepps.h> and some <sys/timepps.h>.
>> We look for each.
>> You have the latter.  My FreeBSD systems also only have sys/timepps.h .
>> It should be OK that you only have sys/timepps.h .
>> I suspect your problem is that you built without --enable-parse-clocks .
>> H
> Thanks for that, Harlan.  I'm at the limit of my knowledge here, so any 
> suggestions are appreciated.
> I did try the ./configure with --enable-parse-clocks (as well as 
> --enable-linuxcaps) but I get the same error in config.log.

You will always get the error that timepps.h doesn't exist because it
doesn't exist.  It doesn't need to exist if you have sys/timepps.h .

> It confuses me that on Raspbian (a derivative of Debian) the same
> source builds correctly, using the same commands, and both appear to
> have timepps.h in the same place.

Are you cross-compiling?  If so, the headers you build with for
cross-compiling are probably not in the same location, and you'll need
to install the correct (appropriate) header in the location where the
cross-compiler will see it.


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