[ntp:questions] Number of Stratum 1 & Stratum 2 Peers

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Tue Dec 16 03:18:38 UTC 2014

Mike Stump wrote:
> David Woolley  wrote:
>> Drift is a pure number.  If you ever get a time error
>>  of more than 100ms, ntpd is in severe distress.
> On a computer with a blocked fan, thermal limits kick in
>   and slow the world down.  When this happens ntp cannot
>   cope, and refuses to even try and keep any sync.
>  Result, no sync what-so-ever.  :-( A nicer failure mode
>  would be to just sync time once every 1024 seconds.
>  Not pretty, but, better than nothing.

If +/- 1 Second in ~17+ minutes (or so) is acceptable to the OP.

That would probably also be fine for many leaf client end users.

 I doubt most astronomical, real time high frequency trading,
   or maybe even other IT uses of timestamps would be very
   happy with uncontrolled drifting apart for at least
   a quarter of an hour and then jumping to the correct
   time and continuing uncontrolled drifting apart again.

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