[ntp:questions] NTP & PPS, part 2 ;)

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Wed Dec 17 11:26:47 UTC 2014

David Taylor writes:
> On 16/12/2014 13:48, Martin Burnicki wrote:
> > William Unruh wrote:
> []
> >> And since at build time, one has things called "configure" which CAN run
> >> tests on the build system, one could easily enable or disable it then.
> >> But since as we all know  ntpd tends to built on one system and used on
> >> myriads of other systems, the code should run tests when running, not
> >> when compiling, to see if the api actually works. That is the way all
> >> other "optional" stuff in all other packages works. After all, if there
> >> is no nmea gps attached to the computer, trying to use the nmea driver
> >> will not work.
> >
> > That's exactly what I meant.
> >
> > Martin
> It would be helpful if the output from ntpq -crv showed the OS on which 
> NTP was running, as well as the OS on which it was built.  I've 
> mentioned this before but didn't push it strongly.

autoconf gives us "build" and "host" variables.  The "build" system
describes the type of system where the package is configured and
compiled.  The "host" system describes the type of system on which the
package runs.  Of course, this value can be overridden, and often is.

STR_SYSTEM is already the "host" value, and it is reported thru the
'system' variable.

Some systems report the cpu-vendor-os triple there, some don't.

See also http://bugs.ntp.org/2260 .


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