[ntp:questions] NTP & PPS, part 2 ;)

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at meinberg.de
Thu Dec 18 10:24:53 UTC 2014

Rob wrote:
> Martin Burnicki <martin.burnicki at meinberg.de> wrote:
>> Without having looked at the code base, I'm sure there are already
>> predefined macros available for the current build target/architecture.
>> So it should not be a problem to include something like
>> #if defined( SOLARIS )
>>    #include <timepps_solaris.h>
>> #elif defined ( SCO )
>>    #include <timepps_sco.h>
>> #elif defined ( LINUX ) || defined( FREEBSD )
>>    #include <timepps.h>
>> #endif
>> If this piece of code is required more than once it should be put into a
>> common header file which is included in all places where this is
>> required. No duplicate code.
>> Martin
> The above is already there in the code, Martin.
> The only point is that these timepps-SunOS.h, timepps-SCO.h and
> timepps-Solaris.h files are included but the Linux version is not.
> But we better stop discussing with Harlan.  He is a manager type
> that knows zilch about the code yet always is commenting on the
> proposed changes.  He wants money to hire people, of course because
> he cannot get volunteers to work under his management.  Pity that
> the ntp project has a character like that involved.  We better lose him.

Sorry, I strongly disagree with you here.

For many many years DLM has been the one with whom you had to discuss 
quite a lot to get some proposed changes/enhancements accepted.

Harlan has been (and still is) doing a great job for all these years, 
and often had to act as a mediator between other NTP developers and DLM.

I've personally also submitted a number of patches to the project. 
Unfortunately I've been pretty busy in my main job for quite some time, 
so I also haven't been able to care about some open bugs.

Even if I often agreee with what you are writing I also find it not very 
fair to accuse Harlan anonymously. It would really be better to help 
getting this improved.


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