[ntp:questions] "No association ID's returned" after a period of time

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Sat Dec 20 03:14:10 UTC 2014

BlackLists wrote:> I think manycast would be a better choice than broadcast;
>  That said, you are likely missing something like:
>   restrict -4 default limited kod nomodify notrap nopeer noquery
>   restrict  mask nomodify # where is your LAN
>   restrict source nomodify
>   keys "/etc/ntp.keys" # e.g. contains: 123 M LANA_MD5_KEY , 321 M LANB_MD5_KEY , ...
>   trustedkey 123 321
>   broadcast key 123
>   broadcastclient

>   broadcast key 321

multicastclient key 321 preempt

{Sorry should have included that for a more complete example.}

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