[ntp:questions] Firewall requirements for NTP as both client and server

David Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Sun Dec 28 16:11:34 UTC 2014

I'm trying to understand the firewall requirements for NTP.  Using the 
FreeBSD ipfw I have the following, which appears to allow NTPns to 
operate as a client, i.e. it can get times from other servers on my LAN, 
and even from the WAN.

   add 100 allow udp from any to any 123
   add 200 allow udp from any 123 to any

However, other servers on the same LAN appear not to be able to see this 
NTPns server, always being in an INIT state.  I wonder whether this 
might be a firewall issue, or whether the settings above should suffice 
both for NTPns as a client, and as a server.  My reading is that they 
should, but I'm very unfamiliar with ipfw (and that's what I have to use).


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