[ntp:questions] moving from ntpdc to ntpq

Richard richjunk at pacbell.net
Mon Dec 22 14:41:10 UTC 2014

What is ntpq's equivelant of -c "addpeer <ntp host>"   and  -c "unconfig
<ntp host>"  ?

I just upgraded from ntp 4.2.6 to 4.2.8 and ntpdc isn't connecting to my
local ntpd. According to the ntpdc man page:

"ntpdc is deprecated. Please use ntpq(1) instead - it can do everything
ntpdc used to do,"

In ntpq how do I do the equivalent of ntpdc's -c "addpeer "  or -c
"unconfig" commands?

Here is part of what previously did with ntpdc:

/usr/sbin/ntpc -4 -c "keyid 5" -c "passwd  mypassword" \
 -c "addpeer  <ntp server> "  localhost

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