[ntp:questions] Thoughts on KOD

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Sat Jul 5 21:40:20 UTC 2014


I was chatting with PHK about:



and how we probably want to extend KOD coverage to more than just the
"limited" case.

I was assuming folks would want finer-grained control over this
behavior, and thought about being able to choose any of kod-limited,
kod-noserve, and kod-query.

PHK suggested that we consider going the other way - KOD would mean
"Send KODs whenever appropriate".

I wonder what the costs/benefits will be when weighing the extra
complexity of "multiple choices" against "when the defaults change and
we get new behavior that we can't tune, that costs us in X and Y."

This gets a bit more complicated when taking into consideration:

- we'll get more traffic from a NAT gateway
- - do we need to be able to configure a threshhold for this case?

- we should pay attention to how a client, whom we find to be abusive,
  reacts to: 
- - getting no response
- - getting a KOD response
  and adapt accordingly.

Discussion appreciated.
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