[ntp:questions] Thoughts on KOD

John Hasler jhasler at newsguy.com
Mon Jul 7 16:00:28 UTC 2014

Jason writes:
> The realization is that many clients don't run the standard NTP
> distribution, but rather some old hacked down / self-coded minimal NTP
> / SNTP version to run on embedded hardware. Likewise many of the
> routers don't even use NTPD code with a constantly running daemon, but
> rather more along the lines of ntpdate code that cron triggers at
> regular intervals.

Would it be useful to offer an "official" minimal implementation
intended for embedded systems so that these people won't feel the need
to code their own?  Maybe add minimal NTP support to Busybox?
John Hasler 
jhasler at newsguy.com
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