[ntp:questions] Thoughts on KOD

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Tue Jul 8 19:46:57 UTC 2014

"Jason Rabel" writes:
> > There are two obvious ways to go for an embedded client.
> >
> > One way would be to use the sntp code as the base.
> >
> > The other would be to either use the current NTP codebase and use the
> > configure options to disable all the refclocks and anything else you
> > didn't want, or wait until we're done with the post-4.2.8 rewrite.  For
> > post-4.2.8, we're looking at having a "client core" with any refclock
> > code being handled a separate process.
> I do not know if this is the case with NTP, but quite often it takes
> considerable hacking of sources to get code to compile on non-x86
> embedded hardware (i.e. ARM & MIPS)... It would probably help boost usage
> if someone was assuring NTP sources compile on those platforms without
> the need for modification.

That hasn't been my experience.  But if those platforms need switches
people just need to send in the patches so we can have configure.ac
handle them.  I'm happy to help out.


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