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David Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Thu Jul 10 14:47:06 UTC 2014

On 10/07/2014 14:13, Paul wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 4:20 AM, David Taylor
> <david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid> wrote:
>> Simply that different folk have different needs.
> This true but not nearly as much as people think.  But yes different
> folks have different needs.  Despite that in the next sentence
>> You later say: "It's a Reference Clock not an instance of NTPD.", in which
>> case I would consider one of these:
> you again drag out the RPi hammer that appears to make everything look
> like a nail to you.  It's a *network attached* reference clock.
> For me this started when I commented on the USB redesign issues with
> the RPi.  Despite that fact that was reported by many people and was
> documented in the RPi design docs your response was (essentially) --
> it works for me, you must have a rubbish power supply.
>> Different folk, different needs.
> Yes but unless you're doing NTP(ref) R&D or NTP(ref) specific work the
> tracking you're so fond of is an impediment.  This is your bias:
> ".. where it continues to be called an "NTP Server", which it not."
> When he actually wrote "I call it SNTP and not NTP because time is
> served from GPS alone and no other NTP servers are consulted"
> and:
> "I did speak with the originator many moons ago about this project, hoping that
> it would conform to NTP management standards.  I felt it was a missed
> opportunity"
> The point is time transfer, not having access to NTP(ref) tools
> intended to monitor/manage NTP(ref).  It's not a missed opportunity
> any more than SNTP/Chrony/OpenNTP or other proprietary yet NTP wire
> protocol compatible products are missed opportunites.  Broader
> management and network design issues are far more important than
> clockstats/loopstats/peerstats or if your S1 server responds to NTP
> control messages.
> 99.999% of the people looking for a low power/low cost, GPS based S1
> server would be well or best served by something like a Laureline.
> Full disclosure:
> I run an RPi based S1 server.  And two BeagleBone Blacks servers and
> two x86 servers and a previous generation Laureline (while I wait for
> my new one).

Thanks for the information, Paul.  Folk now have plenty of information 
with which to make their choice or, as you do, use both.

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