[ntp:questions] Client using Meinberg NTP can't sync with ntp server problem

Jochen Bern Jochen.Bern at LINworks.de
Fri Jul 11 11:33:20 UTC 2014

On -10.01.-28163 20:59, vothanhhung22 at gmail.com wrote:
> In my case (as  William explained) it is

(translation: what I *want* to do is)

> not a normal clock rate sync

(translation: not rate adjustments and (then) slewing to get rid of the
offset, as ntpd tries to do)

> but just a copy time from ntp server to machine clock.

(translation: stepping the offset away, NOW, like SNTP/ntpdate do)

> So what I am wondering now is if it is right in my situation to use
> ntp to "sync" from ntp server.
> The machine I am trying to "sync" is a VPS machine. 

I shall assume that you're referring to this:
which would mean that not only it is a VM, but also that the host's
timing is completely out of your control (which might well mean
"continuously interfering with your attempts").

> I still don't get the point William explained that "you cannot "force
> it to sync every 10 min" that is not how it works". Can you explain
> me more?

You: "My watch is five minutes late every time I look. I shall set it to
the proper time every ten minutes."

ntpd: "This watch has been free-running for an hour, and is suddenly ten
minutes late. I will adjust it to run 20% faster, measure again, and
once the watch is 'repaired' and doesn't keep *losing* proper time
immediately after being set, I'll care about the cumulated offset."

What might very well be the case: "The time I see on the VM is actually
the *host's* time, which I cannot influence with any tools within my VM.
The host is five minutes late because the ISP doesn't care, so I'm ***ed."

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