[ntp:questions] three questions about ntpd, kvm-clock and clock speeds

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Thu Oct 30 18:38:29 UTC 2014

Marco Marongiu wrote:

> Apologies for this question not being 100% pertinent to ntpd, but I'd
> need an authoritative answer and there is no place like this list to
> find real expert of computer clocks and time synchronization.
> Too many wannabes and professed experts out there.

Plenty here too?

Why not ask @ linux-kvm.org ?
 They should know the specifics
  of their implementation of virtualization better than others?

...> clock synchronization in KVM


> I didn't collect any data but so far it turned out that, once syncing
> the VM's system clock to a reliable source via ntpdate, and then syncing
> the VM's hardware clock with the system clock via hwclock --systohc,
> everything seems to stay in sync,

Try ntpd.exe -g ... instead of ntpdate first?

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