[ntp:questions] reachability register

MAYER Hans mayer at iiasa.ac.at
Sun Apr 12 20:15:09 UTC 2015

Dear all,

Thanks for your detailed reply.

@Charles, if I unplug my 1-Gbit internet line then about 250 user are not happy. An my supervisor too. But I know how to simulate this.
It happened on an internal ntp server with version 4.2.8p1 with a peer connection to another internal and  2 configured  upstream server to the DMZ ( also internal )
But I have seen this behavior on this 2 ntp server at the DMZ too.
Of course I didn't look at the source code. And obviously I will not understand it.

@Brian, I read 3 times your information and tried to follow. Definitely I looked not only once after the change. SO it was not only between request and reply.

What I take with me: yes it can happen, it's a normal behavior.
Thanks for your advice.

Kind regards

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