[ntp:questions] Trouble Simulating Leap Seconds

Chris Walton Chris.Walton at telus.com
Wed Apr 15 22:30:43 UTC 2015

> Should that be date -u -s?
No; the "-s" flag is not required here.
This command works just fine:
  date -u 063023452015.00
It is equivalent to this:
  date -u -s "jun 30 2015 23:45:00"

> You also need the flagged lines in leapseconds, as the SHA1 hash includes those
> digit strings:
> #$       3629404800
> #@      3660249600
I am not going to argue about whether those lines should or should not exist in the leap seconds file.
All I can say is that everything worked perfectly for me without them.


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