[ntp:questions] Please test NTP-dev...

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Thu Apr 30 09:23:26 UTC 2015


I want to release 4.2.8p3 before the 15th of May.  I'd be even happier
if we can do this closer to the 7th or 8th.

The following should be tested in the latest ntp-dev, 4.3.24, as all of
these items are staged for release in 4.2.8p3.

* [Bug 2612] restrict: Warn when 'monitor' can't be disabled because
  of 'limited'.
* [Bug 2745] ntpd -x steps clock on leap second 
   Do leap second stepping only of the step adjustment is beyond the
   proper jump distance limit and step correction is allowed at all. 
* [Bug 2776] Improve ntpq's 'help keytype'.
* [Bug 2794] Clean up kernel clock status reports.
* [Bug 2800] refclock_true.c true_debug() can't open debug log because
  of incompatible open/fdopen parameters.
* [Bug 2804] install-local-data assumes GNU 'find' semantics.
* [Bug 2805] ntpd fails to join multicast group.
* [Bug 2806] refclock_jjy.c supports the Telephone JJY
* [Bug 2808] GPSD_JSON driver enhancements, step 1
  Various improvements, see http://bugs.ntp.org/2808 for details.
  Changed libjsmn to a more recent version.
  fix coverity issues with refclock_gpsdjson and refclock_shm
  Add a few more tallies as per Hal Murray's suggestions
* [Bug 2810] refclock_shm.c memory barrier code needs tweaks for QNX.
* [Bug 2813] HP-UX needs -D__STDC_VERSION__=199901L and limits.h.
* [Bug 2815] net-snmp before v5.4 has circular library dependencies.
* ntpq.c cleanup.
* Improve the ntpq documentation around the controlkey keyid.

We're particularly interested in making sure any issues with the
leap-second are handled.

Please try the 'update-leap' script - we think it needs more portability

We can schedule a 4.2.8p4 in early June as well, if needed.

If there are any current unresoved issues you'd like to see released in
4.2.8p3 or p4 please let me know.

Harlan Stenn <stenn at ntp.org>
http://networktimefoundation.org  - be a member!

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