[ntp:questions] Impossible to "ntpdate" a client using an orphan mode server

mister_zed at voila.fr mister_zed at voila.fr
Mon Jun 22 21:42:05 UTC 2015

my network is quite simple : 1 server and 2 clients linked by an ethernet switch.

Server configuration (@IP
tos orphan 12

Clients have the same config :
server iburst

On both client 1 & 2, ntpq -p shows something like:
remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter
* 2 u 307 12 377 41.062 0.504 0.877

I think the "*" shows that server is correctly configured and operational. Clients 1 & 2 have selected server ( as reference and their clocks are synchronized to server's one.

Next, I stop ntpd on client 1 and I try to synchronize to using ntpdate :
# killall ntpd
# ntpdate -b
22 Jun 21:22:00 ntpdate[3791]: no server suitable for synchronization found

The result is the same on client2. I tried with several machines (I replace the server by two others machines, same for client) and it is always the same... My problem is that I use lot of scripts forcing time sync using ntpdate and of course, they are not working any more... I cannot understand why ntpdate always refuses to synchronize to an "orphan mode server". This mode causes important regression compared to "old" undisciplined local clock driver...
Please, could you help me making orphan mode and ntpdate working together ? because undisciplined local clock driver is OK with ntpdate but too long to select local clock as reference on server side.

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