[ntp:questions] Potential bug in leap second handling (guess it's Linux and not ntpd?)

Marco Marongiu brontolinux at gmail.com
Mon May 18 08:05:21 UTC 2015

Hi all

Last Friday I found something, potentially a very bad bug, in Linux when
a leap second is handled.


I am not sure where the problem stems from and as of now I'm leaning on
something in the system rather than in ntpd. However, if any of you who
knows the code innards could take a look and confirm that there is
nothing in ntpd that could be at the root of the problem, it would be
great. As for Linux, a kernel developer has already contacted me. I will
share more information with him and everyone in the next few hours, as
soon as I finish putting things together.

The ntpd version is:
4.2.6.p2 on Debian squeeze
4.2.6.p5 on Debian wheezy and jessie

(all with Debian patches, of course)

Thanks in advance, ciao!
-- bronto

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