[ntp:questions] refclock_oncore, Disable syslog output?

M. George m.matthew.george at gmail.com
Sun May 17 18:21:16 UTC 2015

Hello, I hope I haven't missed anything obvious, but I would like to
disable the following syslog output when running the oncore refclock driver
with an Oncore UT+:

May 17 12:13:58 raspi2 ntpd[3509]: ONCORE[0]: 3640875237.999379805 2015 137
18 13 58 57 rstat   08 dop  0.0 nsat  9,8 traim 1,0,0 sigma 38
neg-sawtooth  35 sat 88888888
May 17 12:13:59 raspi2 ntpd[3509]: ONCORE[0]: 3640875238.999383404 2015 137
18 13 59 58 rstat   08 dop  0.0 nsat  9,8 traim 1,0,0 sigma 38 neg-sawtooth
-11 sat 88888888

System setup raspberry pi 2:

Linux raspi2 3.18.13-v7+ #784 SMP PREEMPT Sat May 9 15:57:36 BST 2015
armv7l GNU/Linux

NTP version configured and compiled with --disable-debugging,  ntpd
4.2.8p3-RC1 at 1.3265-o Fri May 15 03:08:44 UTC 2015 (2)

ntpd is running with: -N -g -u options.

I have looked at refclock_oncore.c and I can see where the syslog output is
taking place, but I haven't gone past this point... is there a way to pass
in a debug level to ntpd that will make the calls to write to the syslog
stop writing the above messages?  The ntpd debug options don't seem to
change anything... I have debug disable anyway... from the build of ntpd.

It appears that the obvious has escaped me!



M. George

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