[ntp:questions] Can I volunteer to help with list moderation?

Rick Thomas rbthomas at cs.rutgers.edu
Tue May 26 11:53:26 UTC 2015

I recently signed up for the NTP “questions” mailing list.  (I’ve been a lurker there for a long time.)  My first question was — for good and sufficient policy reasons — held for moderation.  I understand the reason and I don’t object.

> 2.  If you have just subscribed, please note that all new subscribers
> are required to first go through the moderation process at least once
> or twice before their message can be automatically accepted and posted
> to the list.

> In addition, please keep in mind that the NTP Public Services Project
> is entirely operated by a few unpaid volunteers (with grateful thanks
> to our sponsors), and in some cases a few days may pass before we are
> able to take action on matters that are waiting for human involvement.
> Please be patient.

Perhaps I can help…  I’d like to volunteer to serve as a moderator for the list, if you’ll have me.

I’ve been a user and administrator of NTP configurations (Linux, SunOS, Solaris, MacOS-X, Windows and recently, FreeBSD) since the mid 1980s. (I took courses from Professor Dave Mills at U of Maryland in the 1970’s).  I’ve been a system administrator for over 40 years.  I recently retired from Rutgers University in NJ, so I have a bit of time on my hands that I’d like to give back to the community.


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