[ntp:questions] NTP Authentication (autokey iff) is ok even without sharing key. What' wrong?

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Tue Oct 27 08:02:53 UTC 2015

"Pessina, Yves (Marin)" writes:
> Thank you for your answer anyway.
> May I ask you, if you know, :
> - what would be the replacement?
> - when does it will be available more and less (weeks? Months? Years?) ?

Somewhere between "weeks" and "months", I expect.  I'd really like to
have something usable in January of 2016.

Having said that, the exisitng autokey stuff should work.  It's just
that it's not all that useful anymore for its original intended purpose,
as what was "computationally infeasible" 20 years ago is now crackable.
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