[ntp:questions] Atheros AR9331 w/GPS + PPS

Dan Drown dan-ntp at drown.org
Thu Sep 10 19:33:24 UTC 2015

Quoting Gabs Ricalde <gsricalde at gmail.com>:
> You can also improve the stability of the local clock by avoiding rapid
> temperature changes. This is the loopstats of a TL-WR841N placed inside
> a box where the temperature doesn't change that fast.
> https://imgur.com/a/eNT0k

Rapid temperature changes also affects the GPS module itself.  The GPS  
modules usually have a TCXO on it along with assumptions in the  
firmware about how far the TCXO can drift in a short time period.   
I've noticed if the AC blows directly on an uncovered GPS module,  
it'll often lose lock.  So keep GPS module temperature changes in mind  
as well.

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