[ntp:questions] NTP refuse to sync

Natalie Abravanel natalie.abravanel at kaminario.com
Wed Feb 10 17:55:28 UTC 2016

I have the following requirements for syncing:

*         External NTP : it can be any configuration, active directory, Centos, virtual machine.

*         Inner NTP server-1 sync only to one server source (the external NTP above), and also uses orphan mode in case the external is not reachable.

*         Inner NTP server -2 - sync only to one server source (the inner NTP 1)
Description & questions

*         Inner NTP Server- 1 was used to be synced only to its Local, that way inner 2 and inner 1 had a minor offset. I must maintain this behavior.

*         Once adding the external sync- we would like to support 5 min offset as maximum (running ntpd in slew mode -x under inner 1), Inner NTP server-1, accept the external NTP as a valid source synchronization, and starts a synchronization process with the external ntp. While NTP server-1 is synching (offset is getting down in a rate of not more then 0.5 MS per second), Server NTP 2 refuse to sync for a while, getting to gain offset from inner NTP-server1 - which I must avoid. (after 13 hours running we get low offsets(I have all outputs...))

*         Is there any why to force NTP server-2 to trust NTP server-1 no matter what?

*         Is there any why to run under Inner NTP server-1 , two services of ntpd(one as client and one for server). The server will sync externally, and the client will serve  Inner NTP server-2 by syncing to it's disciplined clock.

I have Inner1+ inner2 configurations (and also a running results) if needed!


In advanced, I will appreciate any ideas!

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