[ntp:questions] How to monitor NTP clients local time?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Feb 19 13:04:07 UTC 2016

> But something is not working as I'm expected that. In the rawstats and
> peerstats I can see just the time of the ntp servers from which I'm syncing,
> but I don't see the time of clients who are syncing from me.

> It's very strange, because according to the docs: rawstats : Each NTP packet
> received appends one line to the rawstats file set 

rawstats only logs packets that are responses in the normal request/response 

There isn't any simple way to do what you want.

You can add a server line for each client you want to monitor.  If you 
include "noselect", it will collect and log all the data and then not use it 
to pollute your local clock.

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