[ntp:questions] Best NMEA sentence

Paul tik-tok at bodosom.net
Mon Feb 22 16:16:07 UTC 2016

On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 9:43 PM, Brian Inglis <
Brian.Inglis at systematicsw.ab.ca> wrote:

> To amplify: would you suggest that the spec in that case should be FreeBSD
> on a
> Soekris or similar with an HP primary or secondary reference clock or
> similar?

I can't imagine any circumstance where I would make that recommendation.

If you mean what would I suggest for accurate high-resolution local
time-stamps I'd probably suggest going with Meinberg PTP gear (cards and
clocks).  There are modern equivalents of the venerable Soekris (e.g. the
Beaglebone products have real-time high resolution capture co-processors)
but I'm not sure how useful the typical Arm SOC  is for time-critical
production work (e.g. stock trading).

Don't forget the Soekris "most accurate NTP server" had hardware and
software mods (external hardware clock and custom NTP) and was built "just
because".  The stock stuff is nothing to write home about.

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