[ntp:questions] ntpd NMEA / PPS on linux kernel 3.18+ - PPS broken ?

Brandon Applegate brandon at burn.net
Fri Jan 22 20:21:29 UTC 2016

> On Jan 21, 2016, at 6:19 PM, Brandon Applegate <brandon at burn.net> wrote:

I found someone else running a very similar set up to me.  Very close on ntp version + kernel version.  Using refclock 20 w/ hard PPS.


Him: 	4.2.8p1
Me:	4.2.8p6

Him:	Linux/3.16.7-ckt2
Me:	Linux/3.19.0-47-generic

I’m still struggling to ascertain if my issues are due to ntp code changes, kernel changes, or both.
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