[ntp:questions] Making ntpd tweak a TCXO

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Jan 29 12:54:03 UTC 2016

>> I'm assuming your TCXO is driving your A/D.
> Yes.  It spits out samples at a rate f_osc / 240000 = 60 Hz.  My ultimate
> task is to timestamp these samples in such a way that there are compressions
> and dilations in the time scale, but no discontinuities. 

60 Hz is pretty slow.  The PPS logic will work at that speed.

Can you feed the A/D trigger signal into something that the kernel PPS 
supports?  You don't actually need the A/D trigger signal, just something 
that is derived from your TCXO.

You are building a PLL.  They have potential stability problems.

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