[ntp:questions] ntp problem

macca.maccaferri at gmail.com macca.maccaferri at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 16:23:38 UTC 2017

I have an oncore M12+ gps, I have setup a ntp server using centos 7 distribution.
I have installed it with ntp version 4.2.8p8.

All looks ok for weeks, but some days starting in april I get
this messages on file    clockstats      BAD TRAIM
and during this time the reference clock is considered unavailable,
the error loops jump from microseconds to millisecond.

Now the problem arise quite frequently, several times in a day
I get BAD TRAIM and reference clock is ignored.
Very seldom but few days all is ok for all 24 hours.

In clockstats also I have a messages like this:

57934 83.282 Internal Error: max error msg length exceeded in clockstats file (128)
57934 83.282 Start of message was
57934 83.282 3707769683.000000485 2017 181  0  1 23 23 rstat 8400 dop  0.0 nsat 10,10 traim 1,0,0 sigma 230 neg-sawtooth -14 sat 888814 sat 8888

please note that at the end of last line sat keyword is doubled and firts time is not complete.

During this internal error the loops error do not change, the main problem is only when BAD TRAIM is present.

Any idea what I should check?

Best regard

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