[ntp:questions] NTP 4.2.8p10 released

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Thu Mar 23 23:20:46 UTC 2017

Martin Burnicki writes:
> Dan Geist wrote:
> > I don't disagree, but along with membership in the consortium comes
> > additional benefits like that.
> > 
> > I'm guessing Suse, FreeBSD, and Debian were all had the opportunity
> > to be working on patched versions a couple weeks ago when the NTF
> > folks sent out the original messaging: 
> > http://nwtime.org/current-members-donors/
> > 
> > I believe even individual members would have gotten access to the
> > code pre public-release. NTF isn't "for profit" but it needs to keep
> > the lights on somehow...
> True.
> However, I'm not sure if every NTF member gets early notification about
> security issues that need to be fixed. I also think this does not
> necessarily be the case.

All institutional members get notification of upcoming security patches.

Premier- and Partner-level members (which includes opensource projects
that sign an NDA for access to pre-release security patches) get the
actual patches.

Most individual members do not get early access, but trusted project
developers who have signed the Volunteer agreement (which has an NDA)
get early access as well.
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