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Jakob Bohm jb-usenet at wisemo.com
Fri May 12 05:33:27 UTC 2017

On 10/05/2017 15:03, David Taylor wrote:
> On 10/05/2017 07:03, Jakob Bohm wrote:
> []
>> Using NTP 4.2.8p10 instead of the Windows Time Service doesn't make
>> sense on most Windows machines, but it does make sense in some
>> situations where the Windows Time Service included with Windows cannot
>> be configured to behave as desired.
>> Enjoy
>> Jakob
> That is not an opinion with which everyone would agree.
> For me, the reference NTP should be the default installation on Windows
> PCs for its flexibility, configuration, management and performance
> capabilities, and its compatibility with other OSes making management
> across multi-platform installations easier.
> Only where NTP is an unacceptable option would I accept Windows Time
> Service - it's a much poorer and less flexible alternative.

Note that all recent/current versions of the Windows Time Service are
in fact SNTP/NTP implementations, with quality of implementation
improving in newer versions.

Old (now unsupported) versions of the Windows Time Service violated the
SNTP/NTP specification in ways that required special workarounds in
standard NTP servers.  Even older implementations that didn't even
include a service named "windows time service" used simplistic time
queries over the SMB protocol.

Besides being included with the OS, the "windows time service"
typically defaults to imposing a much lower load on the selected time
source, by using much longer poll intervals.  In "Active Directory"
(Windows 2000 and later) setups, there is also a dead simple automatic
configuration, where each machine simply syncs against it's nearest
"upstream" in the authentication/management hierarchy, limiting
practical management work to machines that have no such "upstream",
such as the 2 to 4 machines at the top of the tree.  And of cause
machines needing more precise time than needed by the basic Windows


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