[ntp:questions] Looking for a NTP stratum 2 appliance

Matthew Huff mhuff at ox.com
Thu May 25 11:31:27 UTC 2017

For the last 20 years I've run our stratum 2 ntp servers under Solaris then Linux. I'm looking to replace them with an appliance for a number of reasons. One of the main one is clock stability. We have 2 microsemi GPS synced stratum 1 servers with rubidium oscillators. I am not looking for a linux/bsd/unix box running NTP, but a dedicated non-os appliance.

I'm looking for:

1) Stratum 2 NTP server (does not need IRIG, PPS, GPS, or other inputs, only needs to get its source from NTP stratum 1 servers) 
2) OXCO oscillator or better
3) Support for hundreds of NTP clients (does not need to support thousands+)
4) Internal only clients, no external exposure
5) Rack mountable
6) Hardware support (next business day replacement)
7) Regular software updates (NTP and security fixes)
8) Preferably under $2,000 US

Any suggestions?

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