[ntp:questions] Difference between offset (ntpq -p) and offset (ntpq -crv)

David Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Wed Aug 1 18:32:35 UTC 2018

I was writing a small script to check on offset, and noticed that the 
offset from the selected server ("*" line in the tally list from ntpq 
-p) differs considerably from the offset reported as a "system" variable 
(ntpq -crv).

Would I be right in thinking of the "*" line as simply being the offset 
from that particular server, and the "system" variable as being the 
offset from some virtual internal clock which ntp has as its best 
estimate of the correct time (e.g. UTC).

This was to answer someone's question: is the NTP on that system working 
as expected, by comparing the offset with a pre-defined threshold.

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