[ntp:questions] How can i make sure that how much time ntp is adjusting one day

aashish.chugh at fonantrix.com aashish.chugh at fonantrix.com
Mon Aug 6 06:45:37 UTC 2018

here is my ntp.conf file.

# Use public servers from the pool.ntp.org project.
# Please consider joining the pool (http://www.pool.ntp.org/join.html).
pool 2.amazon.pool.ntp.org iburst

# Reduce the maximum number of servers used from the pool.
tos maxclock 5

# Enable public key cryptography.

includefile /etc/ntp/crypto/pw

# Key file containing the keys and key identifiers used when operating
# with symmetric key cryptography. 
keys /etc/ntp/keys

# Specify the key identifiers which are trusted.
#trustedkey 4 8 42

# Specify the key identifier to use with the ntpdc utility.
#requestkey 8

# Specify the key identifier to use with the ntpq utility.
#controlkey 8

# Enable writing of statistics records.
#statistics clockstats cryptostats loopstats peerstats

# Enable additional logging.
logconfig =clockall =peerall =sysall =syncall

# Listen only on the primary network interface.
interface listen eth0
interface ignore ipv6

# Disable the monitoring facility to prevent amplification attacks using ntpdc
# monlist command when default restrict does not include the noquery flag. See
# CVE-2013-5211 for more details.
# Note: Monitoring will not be disabled with the limited restriction flag.
disable monitor

and destination ip is ( 

I am using ntp on my aws ec2 instance.

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