[ntp:questions] Device to Use, FreeBSD 12, for Parallel Port pps Input ?

Chris xxx.syseng.yyy at gfsys.co.uk
Tue Aug 13 23:09:42 UTC 2019

Still playing with the experimental setup, serial
port pps working fine, but can't see which device
name to use for the parallel port ack input.

Checked man pages and other docs and it seems that
there are three possible devices associated with the
hardware port, ppbus0, ppi0 and lpt0. lpt0 looks
too high level, ppio may be a possible and both
those appear in /dev, but no ppbus0. Not fluent
with FreeBSD internals, and probably missing the
obvious, but which is the correct device to link
to in devfs.conf ?. Have tried both and get the
following errors:

link ppi0 pps0   # Error: inapropriate ioctl for device


link lpt0 pps0   # Error: Device busy



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