[ntp:questions] How to get a list of > 500 ntp clients

Chris Trevino chris.trevino at ooma.com
Tue Aug 13 16:00:06 UTC 2019

I'm using the stock ntp binary from centos 7.x and I'm seeing this:

[ctrevino at ntp-eqix-sv5 ~]$ rpm -qa | grep ntp
[ctrevino at ntp-eqix-sv5 ~]$
[ctrevino at ntp-eqix-sv5 ~]$
[ctrevino at ntp-eqix-sv5 ~]$ ntpq -c mru
***Command `mru' unknown

On 8/13/19, 1:21 AM, "Mike Cook" <mike.cook at orange.fr> wrote:

    Are you using a standard dist?
     ntpq -c mru
    gives you the client list.
    The list length and size can be tailored:
    # mru [maxdepth count | maxmem kilobytes | mindepth count | maxage seconds | initalloc count | initmem kilobytes | incalloc count |
    incmem kilobytes]
      mru mindepth 5 maxdepth 100 initmem 1 incmem 1 maxage 86400
    > Le 13 août 2019 à 00:34, Chris Trevino <chris.trevino at ooma.com> a écrit :
    > I’m running NTP servers on centos 7.6. I know that I can get a list of ntp clients doing “ntpq -p” but I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was limited to 500 clients.
    > Is there another method in which I can quickly get / monitor the number of clients that are “attached” to my server if I plan on having a few thousand clients?
    > Thanks
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