[ntp:questions] Trying to reply to an NTP Questions request I get this

David Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Thu Aug 22 05:33:38 UTC 2019

On 21/08/2019 21:01, David Woolley wrote:
> On 21/08/2019 17:42, David Taylor wrote:
>> You are not allowed to post to this mailing list From: a domain which 
>> publishes a DMARC policy of reject or quarantine,
> blueyonder doesn't appear to publish any DMARC policy.  Did you actually 
> use a blueyonder address as the header From:?  It is also possible that 
> they tried one and it broke too many things.
> They do seem to have a DKIM signature that includes the subject, so any 
> mailing list that rewrites the subject will break the signature.  Most 
> mailing lists rewrite the subject, if it doesn't have the list tag in it.
> I imagine the list software isn't doing a fully analysis of DMARC and 
> DKIM to see if relayed mail will fail, but just looking for specific 
> things in the DMARC policy to know whether a failure would be a problem 
> for the list.
> I'm assuming it is well behaved and rewrites the envelope from so that 
> SPF will pass the mail. Otherwise it will be generating SPF failures, 
> downstream.

Thanks for your comments.  As a major ISP, I would expect Virgin Media 
(a.k.a. blueyonder) to get things right - if only!  Yes, I simply used 
my blueyonder e-mail which has worked without issue in the past.  I've 
been advised to use a gmail address instead which I've now done, and 
await to see whether I now get two copies of the messages.

I did try to contact the list manager (johnl at .....) but mail to him got 
a "retry timeout exceeded"!  What a mess!

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